Analog Sound Healing for the entire being


The Sonic Alchemy is not an ordinary instrument it uses a continuous waveform called (Analog frequency) 

This is a Sound Healing device that implements a higher spectrum harmonic light that only *Pyradym delivers.

Similar to toning in the Giza Pyramids.

This device uses the continuous waveform called (Analog frequency) 
The human biofield /chakra and human vibrational system is also analog as well as the frequency of the Earth (the Schumann resonance) and everything and Nature's design.

Ideal and effective for energetic clearing and correction with: EMF, ADD, ADHD neurological disorders, any kind of oversaturation due to stress fatigue.
Used for breaking blockages, old patterns and stuck energy and raising your FULL present complete vibration.

The story behind "The Sonic Alchemy using the *Pyradym.
*August Worley a former sound engineer of *Moog Music is a Reiki master and engineer.
He is the sonic artist and creator of this analog "biogeometry" instrument.


There are only 34 on this planet.

*The Sonic Alchemy* Sessions" are a synergistic combination of sound and color therapy for pain relief and emotional / physical balancing. *Pyradym is a self-contained electrically powered apparatus with no EMF disturbance designed to stimulate and facilitate the human body’s innate self-healing mechanisms.
It is designed for chakra alignment.

Tonal/Color Alignments for each Chakra
Internal High Power 300 Watt Sonic Transducer

This instrument raises your vibration: mind ,body and spirit for the intention of the highest and best recalibration.

Our body responds to sound. 

Research behind sound, cymatics with data acquisition has shown that focused sound and vibration are very powerful energetic components of healing (HUE)man beings and the environment.